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i don;t know if you guys will be, but are you planning to be at saboten 2014? it's really early, but you probably plan in advance ^-^

We are always at Saboten! We can’t wait to be there again it is one of our favorite conventions



Went to @Home Maid Cafe in Akihabara last night. It was so much fun. I love stuff like that. Let’s see. I got the full course. Soda, Dinner, Dessert, Large Polaroid with maid of choice, and game with maid. When they gave me soda, the maid and I did some silly heart shaped moe chant over the soda to make it taste better. A different maid brought be my omelet with rice, She cut it open to spread it out and asked me what I wanted drawn on it. I asked her to draw a dog, and she asked if I wanted short ears or floppy ears. She mimed the ears because she didn’t speak English very well. She ended up trying to draw Snoopy and acted all embarrassed about how bad the drawing ended up. Sarah ordered the curry rice. And that’s my ridiculous dessert. It was super sweet. That moe chant thing was done on all the plates and the dessert as well. They have you come up on stage for the photo. She gave me lion ears and said we should roar for the photo.

I played a game with a different maid. It was essentially rock em sock em robots and she beat me, by a lot. It was really funny. She was apparently from the moon. Their slogan is Forever Seventeen.

It was all saturated in cuteness. Sarah and I both really enjoyed it. I bought a shirt. (it’s one of the only places I went that had shirts my size - thank you otaku). The shirt says “Forever Seventeen. @home cafe: We’ve been living up to the Maid principle to have the most special experience in the world for all my master.”

It is the dumbest shirt I’ve ever bought and I love it to death.