Anonymous asked:

Will you guys be accepting applications for Saboten-Con?

We are always accepting applications. Check out this video for the details:

Anonymous asked:

How much is the ticket and when should we buy them in order to join the panels for pcc this year?

If you want to attend the maid cafe this year at PCC. We are on Friday night doing a 18+ bunny cafe at 7PM. On Saturday an all ages traditional maid cafe at 12PM. It costs 10 dollars and seating priority goes to those who pre-order tickets online off the Phoenix Comicon website. We sell out of every hour at PCC and usually have to turn people away so if you don’t buy your ticket online make sure to show up early for the hour you wish to attend. 

Anonymous asked:

What sort of things do you look for in your butler auditions? I've noticed, for the girls, dancing is pretty fancy and smiled upon, but what about the butlers? Do they dance as well? Do they sing? Look pretty? Cook?

We have all sorts of butlers… We have cute ones, shy ones, singing ones, dancing ones, and lazy ones. For butlers we expect the same level of dedication to the cafe as the maids. You must look clean and presentable in your uniform and you must not be shy and be able to take customers orders and serve them quickly. 

Anonymous asked:

Do you ever get rid of members? Or like have a time limit for them before they have to re-audition or something? Or do you just continue adding on as you feel the need to? (I ask because I'm interested in becoming a maid, but 20+ members seems like a lot, and was wondering, even though auditions are always open, if you really "need" people to audition)

Our regular staff consists of:

  1. Maid Trinku
  2. Maid Botan
  3. Maid Keru
  4. Maid Amby
  5. Maid Letti
  6. Maid LILI
  7. Maid Angie
  8. Maid Rizeru
  9. Maid Kaniko
  10. Maid Q
  11. Maid Lacey
  12. Maid Hachi
  13. Butler Kuro
  14. Butler Shota
  15. Butler Zero

Then we have staff that can help us only occasionally, that live out of state, or honorary members:

  1. Maid Rei (our sweet little sister moved away)
  2. Maid Ichigo (lives in California)
  3. Maid Amiko (lives in California)
  4. Maid Risu (lives in Japan)
  5. Maid Buki
  6. Maid Beni
  7. Maid Natsume
  8. Butler Haru
  9. Butler Ryuu
  10. Butler Glomey

We usually have 6-8 tables of 10 at each event that seat 10 people each. For the best experience possible for our guests we like to have 2 Maids and 1 Butler to each table. Plus we have out head staff members handling the running of the cafe so they can not serve tables. That only makes 12 staff and it’s rare that all of them can make it to the same event. So, we are always hiring to take some of the pressure off the staff and to make a more fulfilling experience for each customer! <3 

Anonymous asked:

i don;t know if you guys will be, but are you planning to be at saboten 2014? it's really early, but you probably plan in advance ^-^

We are always at Saboten! We can’t wait to be there again it is one of our favorite conventions